'98 Photographs:

1998 has been quite a year for Savannahians. Troops from Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart faced conflicts in Iraq, while Savannahians witnessed and participated in a variety of sporting and cultural events.

Georgia Guardian reporters and photographers traveled around the world documenting events in Kuwait, the Azores, Bosnia, and Cape Canaveral - events that were important in the lives of our readers. As you view these images you're sure to see that '98 has been an interesting year. Enjoy the photos!

[News Photo Gallery]

[Sports Photo Gallery]

[Arts & Entertainment Photo Gallery]

'99 Photographs:

["The Making of a Military Hero"]

["Catching some rays": Summer '99 photos]

[Award-winning Kuwait Photos]

[Favorite 1999 Photos, part 1]

[Favorite 1999 Photos, part 2]

[Georgia Southern Football Photos]

Year 2000 Photographs:

[Yamaha Amateur MX Bike Series]


More Photographs:

[Hilton Head Island Photos]

[Photos of Savannah, gallery 1]

NEW! [Photos of Savannah, gallery 2]

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