Question of the week: What have you enjoyed most on your visit to Savannah?

Pauline O'Hagan

of England

The squares and the museums, so far. And we're going on the dolphin tour.

Rosemary Makosky

of Bethlehem, Penn.

The shopping on River Street, the trolley tour, the food and Tybee Island. Lady Chablis was interesting.

Joan Gray

of Atlanta

The seafood.
The more the better.

Kaleb and
Joseph Lambolt

of Lemoore Naval Air Station, Calif.

The ice cream

Kent Kramer

of South Bend, Ind.

It's just like I dreamed it would be: the moss in the trees and the old buildings. The sights are beautiful and the weather has been great.

Bill Temple

of Isle of Palms, S.C.

The jazz on River Street, and we can't wait to sample the restaurants.

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