Past Feature Stories

Graduating from school to life
(from the 6/2/00 issue)


Danny Glover to speak
at SCAD graduation
(from the 5/26/00 issue)



Bovines beautify Beaufort
(from the 5/12/00 issue)


South Carolina aquarium
showcases state's natural beauty

(from the 5/5/00 issue)




On the road to Milan
(from the 4/28/00 issue)



Born to Dance
(from the 2/18/00 issue)




Valentine's day feature
Riding to Romance
(from the 2/11/00 issue)



Just across the bridge
Hilton Head businesses offer
entertainment all along the island
(from the 1/14/00 issue)



Mercer scoops and shoots
Mercer Middle students study journalism, enlighten their teachers in return
(from the 12/17/99 issue)



Building better communities
Habitat for Humanity competition creates
homes for Tatemville subdivision
(from the 11/26/99 issue)

Southern tinseltown
Extras travel back to the Depression for 'Bagger Vance'
(11/19/99 issue)


Coffee earns its place in culture
The world becomes a brighter place with the help of caffeine
(10/1/99 issue)


A mission to improve life

Homeless residents share stories of hope for their future
(8/27/99 issue)

A lesson in nature
Natural birth offers a shared family
experience at center in Rincon
(8/13/99 issue)



Fort Stewart's stones of history

Family members, area residents take tour of U.S. Army base's forgottten cemeteries
(6/4/99 issue)


Nora Ephron to speak at SCAD graduation
Some of her film credits include director and screenwriter
of the movies "You've Got Mail" and "Sleepless in Seattle".
(5/28/99 issue)


Women aviators soar
to new heights

Female military helicopter pilots
have "the right stuff"
(5/21/99 issue)



Parting the Waters
Scientists urge study of sunken ships, submerged settlements

Chalk it up to
talent, time and effort

1999 Sidewalk Arts Festival judges
believe SCAD paves way for next
generation of artists
(4/30/99 issue)


Women come together for day of wellness
The Savannah College of Art and Design hosted its annual
Women's Wellness Conference April 17
(4/23/99 issue)


Learning the Moves
of Grace, Dance of Beauty

Ballet South works on building a strong
company to raise talent in Savannah
(4/16/99 issue)



Riding Along on Two Wheels and a Prayer
Harley Owners Group sponsors Blessing of the Bikes for Savannah riders
(4/2/99 issue)


Dance of Seduction
and Grace

Learning the art of Oriental "belly"
dancing keeps muscles toned,
history alive
(3/26/99 issue)



Going About it the Right Way
Gray's Reef researchers follow migratory whales to document dwindling breed
(3/5/99 issue)




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