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19 E. 40th St.
(912) 232-8904

Victoria Shoppe sends holiday cheer home:
Customers find everything from Christmas decorations to seasonal flowers

The holiday season brings not only a sense of joy and caring, but an outward glow of happiness seen in every twinkling Christmas light and brilliant red poinsettia.

The Victoria Shoppe has 25 years of experience decorating for the holidays and capturing the meaning of the season. Sisters Tori Skinner and Donna Pagliarullo have operated the Midtown store, which plays an important role in holiday preparations for many Savannah residents.

"We offer several traditional and unique ideas for decorating during the holiday season," Skinner said. "Not only do we have fresh and fine silk flowers, but we have a variety of poinsettias, wreaths, garlands and trees."

The shop is a full-service florist, but during the holidays transforms into a Christmas workshop that might even make Santa's elves envious. Skinner and Pagliarullo work Monday through Saturday dressing trees in different themes, making wreaths and organizing different types of holiday arrangements.

"During the month of December, we turn the shop into a holiday house filled with special gifts and decorations for all," Skinner said.

The store is a converted house, making it easy for customers to see how decorations and arrangements would look on a mantle, by a staircase or next to a window.

"We are different from other shops. Incorporating the house makes it easier for customers to see how the decorations they like relate to home," Skinner said.

When it comes to customers' preferences, the Victoria Shoppe offers a variety of different options. All wreaths, garlands and trees can be custom-made with a holiday theme or other preferred look. The sturdy creations, available at affordable prices, not only display holiday cheer, but can become part of a family's traditional decor for years to come.

Trees on display include traditional styles, complete with ornaments, ribbons and glowing angels on top. The Victoria Shoppe will also work to create a decorative theme that reflects the individuality of a customer's family or household. Customers can choose from a variety of ornaments and decorative pieces available at the store.

Wreaths and garlands are the most popular holiday items, as well as poinsettias, which come in holiday colors of red, pink, marble and white. Flower arrangements are also a nice way to add a touch of color and cheer all over the home or office, Skinner said.

Christmas cottages, Santa Claus statuettes, teddy bears, baskets and other decorations are sold individually for those who want to construct holiday creations of their own. Skinner and Pagliarullo can offer consultations on getting started and making unique individual designs.

The Victoria Shoppe even offers selections of candy, jellies and other small items that are perfect for stocking stuffers.

In the midst of the holiday bustle, the Victoria Shoppe remains dedicated to preparing fresh floral arrangements for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, party or other special event.

"We have years of experience, making it easy for customers to pick up their special creations and still keep up with the busy pace of the season," Skinner said.

The Victoria Shoppe, 19 E. 40th St. between Bull and Drayton Streets, offers holiday decorations and custom designs from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Saturday. For more information, call 232-8904.


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